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Leverage Your Expertise & Generate A Consistent High Income Every Month From Home
By becoming an in-demand, irreplaceable, Certified Online Business Manager™

If you’re an Online Business Manager who’s ready to uplevel your services and position yourself ahead of the pack… 

…or a VA who’s already working an OBM-type role and wants to own it and make more money... 

Then you’re gonna love this.

The Certified OBM® Certification is a comprehensive training program that teaches online professionals like you how to leverage your existing expertise to generate a consistent & scaleable income as a Certified Online Business Manager™, so that you can live life by your own design while having the support of stable foundations.
If you’re reading this, you know that now is the time to level up your online business.

You probably realized a while back that you’re giving a ton of value to your clients by going above and beyond your current role.

You might be feeling capped at how much you can charge and how many clients you can reasonably have in your schedule at one time...

Maybe you’re already specializing without realizing it and that’s stopping you from breaking your earning threshold...

Or perhaps you just feel like you need some direction to be better where you’re at right now, without reinventing the wheel.

If you’re nodding your head at any of this… you’re not the only VA or OBM I know who’s feeling that way. 

You’re most likely ready to start being more assertive with your clients and charge the rates you deserve to be making, but you’re lacking that secret sauce which will position you at a higher level and prove your worth. 

That’s what becoming a Certified OBM® is all about.

That’s why I’m going to help you own your worth the same way I did. 

Over a decade ago, I moved to the opposite side of the planet and got a job soullessly busting my butt in corporate. 

I was also side hustling as a Virtual Assistant, working 24/7 and going WAY above and beyond my VA duties. On top of that, I was only making ‘okay’ money and it wasn’t nearly enough to leave my stable corporate salary.  

What I didn’t realize? 

I was actually the OBM-in-disguise. 

So I know how it feels to be giving tons of value to your clients, but not feeling like you have that direction or confidence to become assertive enough to truly earn your worth. 

I knew there had to be a way to grow the skill set I needed in order to confidently charge more, be financially stable AND be able to work from anywhere in the world, so that I could spend time with my family or take a vacay at will. 

That’s when I was introduced to the International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM) and decided to become a Certified OBM®. 

I, too, had a million doubts running through my mind - the same doubts I hear a lot of aspiring Certified OBMs® have: 

What if I’m not successful or good at this? 

What if I invest and then do nothing with this qualification? 

What if I end up feeling guilty for spending this money on myself rather than my family? 

I felt selfish. I felt scared. I began questioning my instincts. 

But you know what they say about trusting your gut and pushing through fear…

Fast forward to now. Take a look at my list of achievements:
I run a multi-6 figure online business earning 10X what I used to in corporate.
I’ve scaled my own OBM Agency, grown a supportive team and scored a jam-packed, well-paying roster of international clients
I was hand selected and trained by Tina Forsyth to be a Certified OBM® Trainer (my true calling!) and I've trained hundreds of aspiring Certified OBMs to run successful, profitable online businesses 
I get to take me-time whenever I want, I go on multiple family vacations a year AND I can work from home in my Pjs with no bra on (amen to that!)
And I want that for you too.

I’ve been accredited by the International Association of Online Business Managers to run THE comprehensive program that will help you generate a consistent and predictable income as a Certified OBM®.

This is the program that will give you the proficiency you need to be an exceptional OBM... 

The confidence you need to be more assertive with your clients…

And a skill set which brings so much value to the table that you’ll have no trouble breaking your earning threshold (and then some!).

When you get Certified, you’ll have the power to:
Uncap Your Earning Potential and to ditch the limiting $ per hour system that keeps you spinning on that hamster wheel.
Work with Your Ideal Clients, who pay you well, value your services and can’t live without you!
Gain Qualified Referrals, with your own listing in the Certified OBM® Directory and Request-for-Proposal (RFP) system.
Enjoy Long-Term Client Relationships by becoming an integral part of their team. (That means less time marketing yourself and looking for new clients!)
Establish Yourself as an Expert with the right positioning and credibility from a trusted source. Plus, you’ll show your client you’re the real deal - not only because you’ve got that stamp of quality, but because you’ve invested in your career.

Become a member of the International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBM). The IAOBM is a professional membership organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the Certified OBM® profession worldwide. As a member, you’ll get access to HUGE array of IAOBM resources and ways to up level your OBM Service, including:

  • Listing in the IAOBM Directory, where most Certified OBMs find their first clients
  • Request for Proposal (RFPs), where potential clients can search the directory and request your services
  • Access to up-to-date members-only training resources
  • and SO much more...

This is what’s going to ensure you remain current in the industry and set yourself apart.

Apply For The Program Today
Check out the results my Certified OBM® grads have achieved: 

How LaToya Went from 2K/month as a Virtual Assistant to 10K+++/month as a Certified OBM®

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How Emily Matched her 6-Figure Corporate Salary (and then some!) as a Certified OBM®

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How Melissa Went from 2K/month as a Virtual Assistant to 10K+++/month as a Certified OBM®

This program is for you if:
You're an OBM who’s ROCKING IT for your clients. You're looking for training and direction to hone your skill set, work with fewer clients and earn more money. 
You're the OBM-in-disguise. You're calling yourself a VA, but offering SO much more. Now you’re ready to take the cap off your hourly earnings by landing solid clients who will pay you what you're worth. 
You're a VA or OBM who’s ready to up-skill and increase your rates. You know you can give your clients better value and results you just need the confidence and training to get you there. 
This program is not for you if :
You’re a “get rich quick” wannabe. Buying an online course will never be a move that makes you millions instantly. You have to be prepared to put in the work to see the results. 
You’re already an amazing OBM with your own fully scaled agency. Go you! Keep sipping that mojito from your sun lounger.  
You’re not interested in landing high-paying clients, having the stability of a predictable monthly income, or being able to manage your own time (like picking your kids up from school every day or being able to go on a beach break whenever you want).
Here’s what you’ll learn in the program:
Module 1
Online Business 101 - Business Models & Marketing
The tech tools, strategies, and digital marketing platforms that OBM clients are using now. Including automated sales and marketing funnels, websites and lead magnets. 
The 7 most popular business models leveraged in the digital world. Including coaching/consulting, memberships, e-commerce and agencies..
Advanced marketing strategies including organic and paid social media, nurture campaigns and search optimization...
Module 2
Owning the OBM Role
You'll learn how to master the OBM mindset, leading yourself, the business and the client assertively and proactively. 
Lead yourself to become the leader you were meant to be based on your unique strengths and experiences.
Lead the business by taking a strategic role including: vision, goal setting, communication and team management. That's how your will become an irreplaceable asset to the business.
Lead the client with integrity and learn how to identify bottlenecks in the business and approach difficult conversations and scenarios with elegance. 
Module 3
Project Planning & Launch Management
Project planning is the secret weapon in your OBM tool belt. Master using any project management platform with a clear focus on seamless execution.
Launch management puts your plans into action as you take your client's products and services over the finish line. Don't fret, you’ll come away with worksheets and checklists to ensure a successful launch.
Metrics management teaches you how to track the figures that matter to your clients unique goals. You'll learn how to track and report key metrics for continuous improvement. 
Module 4
Automation, Systems & Operations Management 
Automations and systems are the secret sauce of successful operations management. Learn how to build and implement systems to improve overall operational efficiencies.
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation standardizes and streamlines processes ensuring quality outcomes so that you can flex your delegation muscles with confidence. 
Access practical tools including SOP templates, checklists, spreadsheets and flowcharts of quarterly tasks and initiatives, monthly expectations, weekly tasks, and daily to-dos.
Module 5
Virtual Team Hiring & Management
Discover the art of building strong virtual teams so you can create a trusted tool-box of experts and implementers that will impress your clients and keep your biz operations running seamlessly. In this module we will cover:
What it looks like to lead your client's team.
What it looks like to lead your own team.
And you’ll learn top strategies for working with virtual teams so that everybody thrives.
Module 6
Building Your OBM Business
Buckle up! Here's where we dive into the inner game around being an OBM so that you and your business score big! You’ll learn how to identify, find and connect with your ideal clients.
Strengthen your OBM mindset to develop a strong sense of purpose, get clear on what you want, what you offer, and how you want to build your business.
Lead the sales conversation so that you hook your ideal client and set the stage for a successful working relationship. 
Master the first 90 day action planning with your clients to ensure a smooth transition from onboarding to ongoing retainer.
Certification Exam Week Preparation
Once you've complete the program modules, you'll be ready to take part in Certification Exam Week.
Certification Exam Week is facilitated by the International Association of Online Business Managers (IAOBMs) and is offered quarterly. The exam consists of a series of 6-8 projects which simulate what it is like to have a "real OBM" client.
Exam Week Projects are graded Pass or Fail. If you fail a project (yes, it happens), you will be given specific, personalized feedback and have an opportunity to re-do the project(s) in the 2 weeks following Certification Exam Week.
Once you're Certified, you will become a member of the International Association of Online Business Managers. (See below in Bonus 5 for all the benefits of being a part of the IAOBM)
Here's what you get when you Certify with Sarah Noked

  • 6 Comprehensive Modules, jam-packed with juicy content, proven strategies, and advanced skills-boosting exercises designed to help you become a top-level, Certified OBM® with a thriving business to boot (Value $1997)
  • The OBM Members Area, crammed with valuable video lessons, transcripts, worksheets, flowcharts, and supplemental materials for all modules. (Value $997) 
  • 6 Months Certified OBM® Momentum Membership, my exclusive Facebook group dedicated to Certified OBM® collaboration and community (Value $1997)
  • 12 Live Group Coaching Sessions - I’ll be on-hand to mentor you throughout your OBM journey to ensure your continued success and answer all your burning questions along the way (Value $2997)
  • 6 Live Guest Expert Calls, supercharge your OBM biz with value-packed training sessions from leading industry experts (Value $1497)
  • 2 Live Breakout Sessions, where we’ll jam in real-time on scenarios like launch planning, systems building, and more! (Value $997)

...AND there's more...

You’ll also get these

incredibly juicy bonuses in addition:

Bonus 1

Team Growth Formula (VALUE $997)

Lifetime Access to the only formula you need to develop your invaluable business asset: Your trusted TEAM.

Team Growth Formula is the proven program for sustainably and profitably scaling your very own team. Put this in your OBM Toolbelt for when you’re ready to grow bigger, or use it to transform your client's team dynamics!

You'll learn how to confidently hire, train and manage your team, and evolve from solopreneur to CEO, so that you can concentrate on being a visionary leader, and watch from the sidelines as your business thrives!

Bonus 2

The Systems Vault (VALUE $3000+)

Learn how to confidently implement systems and strategies that will make your business run like clockwork.

Unlock the systems and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates that will help you automate everything in yours and your client's biz.

This will save you TONS of time, money, and effort as you set up SOPs for your clients, as well as your own business. You’ll NEVER get stuck with systems again!

Bonus 3

Masterclass: Setting Client Expectations (VALUE $397)

Position yourself and your team to confidently manage your client's expectations. 

When you become a Certified OBM® you'll have clients knocking down your door… and it’s imperative that you and your team are equipped to take on the needs of high-end clients. After completing this masterclass, you’ll know how to effectively position yourself and set important boundaries with your clients.

And if you're transitioning to a team-based biz, this will ensure your team gives your clients the same stellar service they love you for.

Bonus 4

Sarah's Signature OBM Sales System (VALUE $997)
Uncover behind the scenes insights on how to effortlessly close high-end clients in your OBM biz.

Plug in Sarah's done-for-you plan for scoring the well-paying clients you deserve! You’ll access Sarah's very own sales system and process, including intake questionnaires, email templates, in-depth strategy plans and onboarding insights.

You’ll be able to use these goodies to confidently sell your services, and land high-end clients that are willing to pay you the top-dollar rates that you’re worth.

Bonus 5

Certification Exam & First Year's IAOBM Fees. (VALUE $697)

Certification Exam Week is your chance to apply everything you’ve been learning throughout the program and score your coveted Certification. As a thank you for enrolling, I’m covering your exam fee ($400) & first year's IAOBM membership (Note: that the annual IAOBM membership fee for following years is $297/year). 

As a Member of the IAOBM, you'll get access to TONS of incredible benefits:

  • Listing on the OBM Directory- most of our students tell us their first clients found them on this directory... hello return on investment
  • RFPs (Requests for Proposals)- from clients (ready to pay our rates) and looking specifically for Certified OBMs
  • Certified OBM® Badge to use across all your marketing materials and to display on your website
  • Certificate of Completion to display proudly in your home office!
  • Monthly Coffee Chats- Where we share the most useful resources in the OBM industry, so you’ll always stay relevant in the industry
  • OBM Book Club (shocking, I know lol)
  • And SO much more!

The value of these bonuses alone is over $6,000 and together with the core Certified OBM® Certification program, you’re getting $16,500+ value - more than four times the total cost of this program.

The program is by application only and no fee to apply or obligation to purchase if you are accepted.

Program Fees & Payment Options:

Apply For The Program Today
Still have burning questions? I've got the answers...


Q - Do I really need to be certified?

Really great question, and the answer is of course "it depends".

OBM Certification is certainly not a requirement for working as an Online Business Manager. And, in fact, there are many excellent people working in this role who are not certified.

However, OBM Certification is currently one of the only ways for OBMs and their potential clients to gain confidence in each other.

When a client hires a Certified Online Business Manager ™, they can be confident that this person has the knowledge and expertise required for the job. Certification allows you to connect faster with new clients and start off in a relationship of mutual trust based on this common knowledge and expertise.

Plus, it also shows clients that you’re serious about working as an Online Business Manager. The fact that you’ve made the investment of time and energy to pursue training and certification proves that this isn’t something you're just going to "try and see how it goes" – this kind of commitment speaks volumes about your dedication and intention.


Q - I’m just starting out in the online space. Is this right for me?

The OBM Certification training is comprehensive and will give you a foundational grounding in OBM skills, so you can enroll even if you’ve only been a VA or OBM for a short time.

If you’re coming out of corporate and feel like becoming a Certified OBM ® is too big of a leap for you right now, or you’re not ready to make this investment just yet, we've got a free training that might be just the thing for you. Learn more about the training here.


Q - Do I need management experience or qualifications?

I have met so many fellow online service providers over the years who are worried about lack of qualifications or management experience. And I get questions all the time about where I got my confidence to manage a team of five. And here’s the thing — we all have it in us! We manage our homes, our families, our lives, our clients, and their projects on a daily basis. And since the training program includes a lot of practical and strategic information about how online businesses are run, and what’s expected from a manager, you’ll quickly gain the confidence to step up and take charge.


Q - I’m worried my clients won’t pay me OBM rates

If you are performing management tasks like delegating to team members, planning and supervising marketing campaigns, and helping your client directly to grow their business, you should already be charging OBM rates.

Having been in this situation myself, I can tell you that some clients will jump on board straight away, but others might need some time for “transition.” We’ll talk about how to handle all of this in the course, even down to what to say.


Q - I’m worried I don’t have time for this. How long will it take?

The course runs for 6 months and I can tell you from personal experience that you can do it in your "spare time" (ha ha). The time to dedicate to this program is 2 hours a week. In addition to that, you’ll have 2 LIVE sessions with me every month, in addition to guest expert calls and support from our Certified OBM ® Momentum Community. See the Course Schedule in the next point.


Q - When are the live sessions with Sarah?

Our LIVE Call Schedule:

WELCOME CALL: 1st Tuesday of each month at 10am ET (New York) / 7am PT (Los Angeles)
LIVE COACHING CALL: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:30am ET (New York) / 7am PT (Los Angeles)
LIVE COACHING CALL: 4th Tuesday of each month at 10:30am ET (New York) / 7am PT (Los Angeles)

All the sessions will be recorded and made available, so if you can’t attend LIVE, you can catch the replay.


Q - What if I can't attend all the sessions?

All the sessions will be recorded and available in the private Facebook Group, so if you can’t attend LIVE, it’s no biggie. But I would recommend to block out time in your schedule to attend at least some of the live sessions. That way, you’ll be able to ask questions and get an immediate answer to your own personal concerns or difficulties.


Q - What is OBM Certification Week all about?

Certification Exam Week happens quarterly every October, January, April, and July. You will be eligible to participate in Certification Week once you’ve completed this 6-month program. The cost of participating in exam week is covered in your enrollment fee for the program. Hooray!


Q - Is there a payment plan?

I want to make this as easy for you as I can, so I’ve fixed it for you to pay in six installments of $750. 

Don’t forget that this investment in yourself is going to quickly reap rewards you never dared to dream of.

You’ll be able to increase your rates for existing clients as you take on management tasks and help scale their businesses. And new clients who hire you as a Certified OBM® will pay you double or triple your VA rates as you take the struggle out of their business and become an invaluable member of their team.


Q - Do you offer refunds?

Afraid not. We have a very clear no refund policy because we only work with students who are ALL IN! We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program, and expect you to do the same!

Here’s what others have said about the course:
Since becoming a Certified OBM® , I've gained so much confidence in what I bring to my clients, I continue to grow my leadership skills, and my business, as well as my clients' businesses have soared! 

- Jenn Sebastian

Certified OBM®

Read Story »
As a VA, it would take 8-10 clients to maintain a decent monthly revenue and now, as a Certified OBM®, I have 2 main clients who provide me steadily with more money than I made as a VA.

- Karen Croll

Certified OBM® 

Read Story »
The program offers you an opportunity to step into a bigger role that is not about you, but is about supporting someone else to grow their business.
- Nicole Graham
Certified OBM®
Read Story »
The quality of the content far exceeded what I'd expected. Being a Certified OBM® has exponentially increased my confidence level in my skills.
- Kimberly Wise
Certified OBM®
Read Story »
OBM Certification Training changed my business in every respect.
- Michael Stetina
Certified OBM®
Read Story »
With the Online Business Manager Training, I discovered the key ingredients I needed in order to share my expertise & value to clients.
- Raven Kleinbach
Certified OBM®
Read Story »
Because of the OBM Certification Program, I can confidently tell people that I can manage virtually and with the credential, it's so much easier to sell. As a result, in less than a week being in the OBM directory 3 people booked appointments!!!!
- LaToya Russell
Certified OBM®
Read Story »

After the training, I am able to structure my biz in ways that make me the model of WHAT I can deliver. I now know exactly what type of biz I will build, what type of clients I will attract to me, and what type of lifestyle I will live as a result of both.

- Odette Toppin

Certified OBM®

Read Story »
I didn't feel like my VA role really fit anymore, and neither did my VA rates! The OBM Certification Course made me confidently situate myself in a more senior, partnership-style role with my clients that is more about planning and less about task-doing. 
- Gwen Castelberry
Certified OBM®
Read Story »
Under Sarah’s training and support, I am now able to set up my business and know what to do when I have a Breakthrough session with a potential client. From there, I am able to help the client grow their business. 
- Galina Gorbach
Certified OBM®
Read Story »
Sarah Noked’s OBM Certification is the best investment I did for my business. Being part of Sarah's training gave me the confidence, structure and support I have been looking for in my business.
- Marsha Quilang
Certified OBM®
Read Story »
After the course, I find it easier to find potential clients, land them and onboard them. I now know best practices and therefore can do a much better job, faster. I have learnt so much.
- Emma Perols
Certified OBM®
Read Story »
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